Captain’s Log 19th November 2021

This year’s AGM has brought about some movement within the committee, with some members giving up roles due to other commitments. We would like to thank Carolyn for everything she has done in her role as Ladies Captain over the last few years and the changes she implemented within the club. We are happy she has stayed on the committee and look forward to working with her again this year.
Your Men’s Captain for this year is Dougie Kerr and Ladies’ Captain is Nicky Wood. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along to the AGM this week or sent in suggestions via email. Part of the role as Club Captain, is to act as a voice for the members. We are happy to speak with any members about suggestions they have.
The club is at a critical point of change as it begins to exit out of the COVID pandemic. The last 2 years have been tough for everyone and getting back to more normal club nights have been a welcome change. We, as Club Captains, feel we have an opportunity to reinvigorate the club and develop it into something that all members can be proud of.
With this in mind, we must highlight to members, that if change is to happen, we need people on board to drive that change forward. There were a lot of suggestions on how to improve the club and take it forward at the AGM, but no offers of help to implement them. There are currently 7 committee members undertaking various roles within the club. Ideally, we could do with another 4 or 5 to lighten the load and bring fresh ideas. There are several roles currently empty- race director, media rep and Jog Scotland Leaders being the main ones. These roles can be undertaken by more than one person, if people felt they wanted to buddy up and share the role. Over the next few weeks, we will pull together a job role information sheet for each one in the hope that some members are keen to step up. One benefit of being involved with the running of the club, is having the chance to be considered for the London Marathon club place. The first consideration of the place is for the person who has done the most for the club in the previous 12 months and has been rejected from the ballot.
We are looking forward to getting back to more club social events and in house competitions in 2022 if the support for these events is there.
Take care and happy running!
Dougie and Nicky
Sadly at the moment it does not look like 2021 is going to see early season changes to the current restrictions and rules regarding races. As a club we need to continue to work together to keep you running and how best to proceed. So please keep supporting us and keep on running.