Captain’s Log 9th November 2020

2020 promised to be another great year at the Harriers, early season races were getting good numbers, a very successful Glenkiln road race at the new venue was well supported and lots of members had races entered and early season training was well underway. Then we all know what happened.

Running became the solace for locked up people, a reason to simply open their front door and get outside, new routes were discovered, new challenges kept our heads up round Dumfries, with the photo recognising challenge. The herald of the virtual race and due to fantastic decisions at an early date the Harriers definitely got ahead of the game and both the Mabie and Doonhamer 10K were both really well supported.

Different club members took on their own virtual challenges, notably Ros Martin completing the virtual London Marathon ably assisted by Willie, and Steve Head. Keith Ainslie, Gillian McCaa, Andy Beattie, Caroline Moles and Carolyn Davies all took on the virtual West Highland Way, Gillian Godfrey completed 2 million steps and lots of you have entered other virtual races or challenges to keep you motivated or push to new goals.

In late July we got back to club running, in a different way, and sadly separated into 2 groups but I am sure that it has brought great camaraderie and definitely encouraged the off road challenge for club members.

I hope we continue to see members come along over the winter months to the training runs. Either road running and hi viz vests, or trail running and head torches. Jog Scotland returned in September and after some great results in the Club Championship I hope we can persuade some of you to come to Tuesday or Thursday night training to push yourselves onwards.

So today we organised an in house club championship over the Doonhamer course, and some great running from all entrants. A fantastic turnout and congratulations to Willie Martin and Lindsay Stewart as club champions for 2020. Also well done to Keith Ainslie and Christine Proudfoot for the age graded champions.

This was also the last race to be organised by Nicky Wood, who has over the last couple of years done a fantastic job organising the races, and whilst we know that a new race director is required we are hoping we can retain her assistance as part of the race crew.

Thanks also to Willie Martin, Jason Little, Dougie Kerr and Stephen Carroll for the work they have also done in getting these events together.
Sadly at the moment it does not look like 2021 is going to see early season changes to the current restrictions and rules regarding races. As a club we need to continue to work together to keep you running and how best to proceed. So please keep supporting us and keep on running.